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Recently a customer from Ireland decided to show full trust to our company and purchased a fantastic CNC lathe XYX SLX 425, a 2-meter length machine, without inspection and strictly based on our assurances of the excellent condition of his machine. Ireland is a difficult destination from Europe nowadays. the reason is that cargo traveling by truck should be transhipped in Belgium or Holland. This is prohibitive when the cargo is a CNC lathe. It should not be taken out of the truck and loaded again into another truck. The solution finally was to ship the machine by shim in a 20″ container. The container might be transhipped but the cargo is safe when fastened into the container. We did things in the proper way, and our customer will receive the machine in the same condition as when we shipped it. We thank our customer for their trust and will be available to support them in their next investment.

Here are the photos of the loading. Enjoy …..