The task of our customer was to locate the best value for money Gear Hobber STANKO 5K238 to produce high quality gears. These machines are very scarce to find in good condition and this makes them precious machines. They can produce gears of diameter 900 mm with the counter column installed and gears of diameter up to 1.200 mm when the column is removed. Our machine was among the candidates, till they saw it standing in front of their eyes. It was the best among the evaluated machines as we have been told by them. We would like to thank our customer for their first class cooperation and wish to them a quick payout of their investment. We are here for your next machine.

A very nice 4 axis OKUMA MB 56 VA unit was recently loaded to Germany. Second business within few months with the same customer. We are very proud for the trust of our customer and wish them all the best with their new machine. This machine is equipped with very interesting options. Measuring probe, coolant through the spindle, and 4rth axis unit were among the accessories of the machine. 

A fantastic OKUMA Genos L300M with Y axis, built on 2015 was recently shipped to Germany. Our customer is enthusiastic with this machine. We are very happy getting to know new companies and people from around the world and building relations based on mutual trust.  

An excellent HAAS VF5 with coolant through the spindle and measuring probes for the tool and the workpiece has been recently shipped to Serbia. This machine will support the expansion of the production of the factory next on an existing identical HAAS VF5. Our customer was looking for such a machine in the market for months. Due to the urgency, our customer did not inspect the machine in operation before the purchase, but only saw the machine when it arrived to their factory. They trusted us. The good news is that the machine is installed immediately and performing marvelously.  We are proud to have been proved reliable partners who helped our customer in expanding their activity by purchasing an excellent machine with the best value for money ratio.


A very nice Faccin RCMI 200 profile bender was shipped recently in Serbia. It was a 25 ton machine that needed special transportation with escorting car and special permissions through out its trip. The customer trusted our information and did not inspect the machine before shipment.  This machine is in production supporting the infrastructures under development in the country. We are proud to have been proved reliable partners who helped our customer in expanding their activity by purchasing an excellent machine with the best value for money ratio. 





PROFIT Machinery Point Ltd is a traditional company in the field of Used CNC and conventional Machine tools. 

We are based in Bulgaria and specialize in buying and selling used conventional & CNC machines for the process of metal and Sheet metal. In this website you can see all the available machines, as well as the expected machines for the near future.

Along with the equipment we also offer special services as follows:

  • Preparation for shipment and loading services
  • Relocation of equipment
  • Establishment of the real commercial value of used machines
  • Installation and putting in to operation services for the equipment that we sell
  • Training services
  • At sight evaluation services for equipment before purchase
  • Overhauling and Upgrade of conventional and CNC machine tools.

We value our customers and our moto is "Deliver more than you promise". We believe that win/win is the only basis for a flourishing and prosperous future for both parties. From our end we will do our best to keep our customers enthusiastic from our cooperation.

We will be happy to serve you in case of interest.


Our mission is to be reliable partners in helping our customers expand their business acquiring

excellent used machines with the best value for money ratio.



Our main specialty is sales of used CNC and Conventional machines.

This activity involves a number of qualifications from our end. We have decided to make our qualifications available for you.

These can be briefly described as follows:

֎  Sale of your equipment

Many companies need to sell their existing machines and need the space either few days before the arrival of the new machine, or immediately upon arrival of the new machine.  We can be your ideal partner in such projects. We can undertake to promote your old machine in the Global market well ahead and organize the best coordination for you.


֎  Validation of equipment and establishment of its actual market value:

Suppose you have spotted a machine somewhere and you already have an offer for this machine. We can undertake to carry out a validation procedure for this machine as follows:

  • Confirm its location
  • Visit the place on your behalf and confirm the technical data and accessories of the machine
  • Carry out an operational test and prepare a report on the actual technical condition of it and an estimation of what will be needed in the near future
  • Analyze all data, research the market and establish its real market value for you

Our aim with this service is to minimize your risk. We know all the potential risks when buying a used machine and can place our expertise at your disposal.


֎  Preparation of a machine tool for shipment and loading

The procedure of the correct preparation of a machine for shipment and the loading and correct fastening on a truck are very critical elements for the good operation of the machine after its re installment. We can offer you this service.


֎  Upgrade of the CNC control of an older CNC controlled machine with a modern FAGOR control

Some customers need to carry on using a machine regardless of its age. This happens in cases of special machines or even in cases when all the jigs manufactured to fit the specific machine are considered to have a bigger value than the machine itself. In such cases the outdated controls or degraded cablings, drives etc. bring the need for an upgrade of a machine.  If you have such a case, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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