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CNC Wiore Cutting EDM - Height of cut 400 mm
Machine  Charmilles Robofil  300
Year of manufacture 1994
Location Greece
Condition Very Good (8/10)
Origin Switzerland
Stock number 13110
Machine dimensions L x l x H 1800 x 1600 x 2230 mm
Machine weight (including CNC & tank) 2500 kg
Max. work piece weight 1000 kg
Max. work piece dimensions 850 x 500 x 400 mm
X Y -travel 400 x 250 mm
UV -travel 400 x 250 mm
Programmable Z travel 0 to 400 mm
Collision protection X Y Z U V
Taper angle +/- 30 degree
Table movement 0 to 900 mm/min
Programmable wire feed rate 0.2 to 15 m/min
Programmable wire tension 3 to 30 N
Standard diamond wire guide 0.25 mm
Automatic wire threading not available
Automatic wire re-treading not available
Max. threading height not available
Min. diameter of threading hole------ not available

Standard equipment :

Transverse rail

4 water filters

Deionisation bottle

Note :

This machine is in a very good condition, it is service regularly with all the necessary consumables, has a remarkable accuracy and operates all its life under the protection of a voltage regulator and harmonics filter protection.

The cutting technologies are update to the latest ones and operates with the today's wires with very fast cutting speeds. You can rely on this machine for many years.