This is a fantastic condition XYZ SLX 250 2-meter machine equipped with auto tool change.

Our customer decided to proceed with the purchase based on our documentation and assurances about the condition of this machine. It is shipped to Ireland. Transport to Ireland by truck is a very difficult task these days. The cargo should be trans-loaded at Belgium or Holland to a second truck that will catch the ferry and go to Ireland. This would be very dangerous for a CNC machine tool. For this reason, we organized transportation by ship in a 20 “container.

We wish to our customer for a good receipt of the machine and thank him for his trust.

Thanks for reading



you saw some indicative photos of the inspection of the Mazak VTC 300 performed by the customer before ordering the machine.

Today we can show you the loading of the machine which was transported last Friday to its new owner.

We are very happy for the fact that our customer was happy with the machine and that it arrived safely to its new home. We hope that this first business with this customer will be the beginning of trustworthy traditional cooperation between our companies. 


When a used machine is bigger and more expensive compared to the everyday machines, it is worth it for the interested customer to visit the machine and inspect it under power.

This happened 10 days. Our customer came and based on our information, they wanted to check that the basic geometry of the machine and the spindle were o.k.

They did the test and found the machine having good geometry, good spindle, and fast and effective tool changes.

Please see the next story to see what happened after this phase :) 



A fantastic Mazak VCN 410 was recently shipped to Morocco.

We are proud to mention that our customer did the purchase based on trust. They didn't come over to see it, they paid and we loaded. This is the test on a transaction in the business of Used Machinetools.

We thank our customers and we are committed to always deliver what we promise.

The machine arrived safe to its destination :


and we arrived safe back home after another successful business


Dear Friends, This week we loaded two machines for export. One of them was a HAAS VF2 EU manufactured in 6/18 and in operation only since 10/18. This was a like-new machine.

Our customer is in the Netherlands and bought this machine straight away without even inspecting it. This was one serious reason for us to do things even better, to honor the trust of our customer. 

We will always serve our customers in the best way because this connects us with the future.

See the photos below and thank you for reading



One Gildemeister CT 40 was loaded last week and went to Ukraine. Our customer has more similar machines and decided to add one more to their production of CNC turning machines. Although these machines can be considered old machines, when they are in good condition they can really support the owner. Our customer trusted us and purchased the machine without inspection. We wish to thank them for their trust and are sure that this addition to their manufacturing 2 axis CNC turning machines will help them develop their business further. The loading took place a day with 41 centigrade but we managed. Thank you for reading this article.

Last week we loaded a very nice Bradbury Rollforming machine equipped with rolls and shear for a trapezoid profile.


We are in the second phase of the Covid 19 pandemic and it is not possible to inspect a machine locally before a purchase. This is the point in time where trust becomes the key factor.

Our customer from Turkey trusted us and purchased a marvelous Daewoo Puma CT 250 based on the fact that it is our company who makes the promises.

Last week we loaded the machine, which is already in the hands of our valued customer. We would like to thank them and wish for a fruitful production with it.

If you are in need of machines urgently, please check our website. We are your trusted source for used equipment

One more machine was loaded and shipped for an inland delivery last week. It was one more of the available HAAS VF2 machines. Our customer is a plastic industry and are on their first steps of making plastic injections molds in house. It is a pilot plan and therefore it should be a low risk step. We are sure that the 2001 Haas VF2 is good enough for them to enter in to this activity. We thank our customer for their trust and wish them good expansion in their new activity. We will be here to help them complete and also upgrade their workshop in the years to come. Thank you for reading the article.

One more machine left today for a local  customer. It is an older machine but a very good solution for the production of water bottle cups because it is equipped with the mold already. It is a plug and produce solution. May be a little more consumption but immediate putting in to operation and deliveries.

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